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Letters from Fans

From Richard Gariott:

    Just so that you know. On a personal level I am very excited to see you doing this. Its tough to see games fade out, when the computers or operating systems required to play them go away.

    - Richard Lord British Garriott

From T.T.:

    I've been following Exult development since just before version .20 and I must say it's amazing how well everyone is working together considering how impromptu it is. Exult seems to have turned into a (to me) a model for "Open Source, Done Right"

From W.R.:

    I have just recently downloaded your exult program and am currently enjoying the replay of one of my favourite games on a dual processor Dell server running Windows 2000 (the first time I played the game it was barely running on a 386sx).
    You guys have done an AWESOME job. The amount of effort that it took to do this is astounding. I salute the passion it takes to put it in so much effort in an obsolete game.
    The entire Exult team rocks...

From M.C.:

    I'm a player of U7 in Taiwan, R.O.C. I don't know how to express my appreciation to you! Thank you so much for your modifiability of U7, it really brings my memories of U7 back.

From E.B.:

    I would just like to give a big thanks to the entire Exult team for building such a great game engine! I can't think of any other project that has actually pulled it off other than Exult!

From W.S.:

    Just wanted to place myself in with undoubtedly countless others to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work your team has put into this project.

From J.M.:

    I have to thank you and the rest of your team for the excellent work you have done with the Exult engine... For about 5 years now, I was hoping that someone would do this. Low and behold I find yours on Friday and I am amazed! U7 was my first RPG on my first computer back in '92 (let alone my first computer game). What a nightmare getting that to run!! damn voodoo memory management.. plus I had Stacker running on a 100MB harddrive and a 486 33. Today I'm running it on a 40GB harddrive and an Athlon Thunderbird 800. What a difference 8 years makes! The game brings back so many memories. Thanks again!

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