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Project Page

Our official Sourceforge page, for access to Exult's bug system and source-code repository.

Bug Tracker Found a bug? First check if it is already in the Bug tracker; if not, add it!
Exult Mods
Seven Towers Marzo Junior has set up this page to provide up-to-date versions of both of his Exult mods, as well as to add some good online documentation of U7/Exult's Usecode.
The Feudal Lands This mega-modification, spearheaded by Wizardry Dragon, is an in-progress work which aims to merge the BG, SI and maybe even Underworld storylines into a coherent whole as well as add a brand new world based on the Lands of the Feudal Lords, from way back in Ultima 1. The homepage has disappeared but the SF project site is still there.
The Ultima VI Remake Another mega-modification, spearheaded by AgentOrangeGuy, aims at remaking Ultima 6 with the Exult engine and is progressing nicely.
UDIC The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter - Ultima Fan Club.
The Ultima Codex Overview of many Ultima-related projects. Patches, remakes, and especially news concerning Ultima. Formerly known as Ultima Aiera.
xu4 - Ultima IV Recreated A recreation of the classic computer game.
nuvie A game engine for Ultima 6.
Pentagram A game engine for Ultima 8.
Abysmal Engine Aims to recreate Ultima Underworld 1 and 2.
Ultima Underworld Viewer 3D-accelerated viewer for Ultima Underworld I.
The U7 Wizard page A full map editor.
U7 in Windows Run the original Ultima 7 in Windows
U8 in Windows Run the original Ultima 8 in Windows
Ultima 5: Lazarus A project that created a 3D version of Ultima 5 through Dungeon Siege.
French Serpent Isle A project translating Serpent Isle into French using Exult
SDL A great cross-platform multimedia library used by Exult.
Timidity++ The MIDI renderer used by the Linux version of Exult. You will also need the EAW patches
2xSaI Scaling engine by Derek Liauw - unfortunately, currently no link to his homepage can be found so the link is for the Wayback Machine copy of the article.

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