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Exult Team

Jeff S. Freedman, aka "DrCode", a software developer living in Portland, Oregon, started Exult sometime in the last century so he could learn to display graphics in X-windows. His hobbies include snowboarding, camping, and (of course) writing Free Software. He grew up in Los Angeles, is a bit on the older side (but immaturity keeps a person young), and is married-with-children. Previous accomplishments include a Math PhD from UCLA, several car-rallies produced in LA, and a children's book, "The Magic Dishpan of Oz" (and I get 40 cents if you buy a copy:-)).

Dancer Vesperman is an Australian Internet Engineer/software developer who has added support for the Guardian's speech, music, and all the configuration work that a proper open-source project requires.

Willem Jan Palenstijn, from the Netherlands, is a PhD student in mathematics. He originally joined the Exult team to port Exult to Windows (but has since been converted to Linux), and now has done a little bit of everything in Exult. He is also one of the developers of Pentagram ("Exult for Ultima 8")

Tristan Tarrant aka "Nadir", born in the UK, he's lived most of his life in Italy. He is a long-time Linux user (since kernel 0.99.13 with an SLS distribution) and an Open Source advocate. Once he found out about Jeff's "X-windows Ultima7 map browser", he's contributed the intro, the ending, the menus, the GIMP plugin, the FLEX packer and some work on ExultStudio. Nowadays he doesn't have much time to contribute code, although he still reads the forum and commits the occasional bugfix from time to time.

Ryan Nunn, aka "Colourless Dragon", is working on a variety of game engine features, including movement, rendering, NPC flags, XMIDI support, paperdolls and Serpent Isle support.

Luke Dunstan, aka "Coder Infidel" a second-year CompSci student in W. Australia, has deciphered several of the U7 data files, and has also added weapon animation.

Max Horn, a math student from Darmstadt, Germany, did the MacOS port and made the new webpage. He is also a C++ standard lib guru, and works on exception handling code.

Christoph Reichenbach, aka "Jameson", has ported Exult to the Alpha, using Compaq's cxx compiler.

Dominik Reichardt, aka "Dominus Dragon", has written and maintains the Exult FAQ, Documentation and compiles the daily OS X snapshots.

Patrick Burke aka "SharpTooth/Darke", is developing a Usecode disassembler/decompiler.

Simon Quinn in England, aka "Mungo", is working on the sound code, converting it to SDL_mixer and adding Digital Music (i.e. OGG) support.

Travis Howell in Australia, aka "Kirben", is compiling the daily Windows snapshots of Exult and related utilites.

Aurelien Marchand, born and raised in France, where I got a Bachelor of Computer Sciences (first of the class!) in 1999 and then moved to Canada. AKA "Artaxerxes" I maintain the port of Exult to the Sharp Zaurus and play with some locale issues, since I also teamed up with others to translate Serpent Isle in French.

Marzo Junior, aka "Geometrodynamic Dragon", is a brazilian physicist and computer scientist.

Phillip T. George, A.K.A. "Lanica Dragon", is a jack-of-all-trades sort of guy located in the mid-USA area. He has been mostly self-taught, since the time he began pecking away on a keyboard at the ripe age of 5 years old. Some of Phillip's working knowledge includes game development, GBA development, C/C++, networking, Linux, Windows, and DOS. Apparently, Phillip also has some skills in PocketPC, as he recently (June 2007) updated the PocketPC port of Exult to be able to compile using MSVC9 (beta 1) and run on the actual devices (not just the emulators). He currently maintains it the PocketPC port, with plenty of good direction from other Exult users and other Exult developers.

Official IRC channel

You can meet quite a few of us on IRC. Go to irc.freenode.net (port 6667) and join channel #exult. You can also read the logs of recent discussions thanks to the wonderful "exultbot".

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