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11 November 2008

It's official: the next Exult stable version will be out soon after Duke Nukem Forever. Jokes aside here's what's been done to the development version in the past 15 months:

  • Unlimited NPCs (Marzo)
  • Smooth Scrolling (Ryan)
  • Vast improvements to the Exult toolchain (usecode compiler, ExultStudio, etc) (Marzo)
  • Most data is now non-hardcoded but read from datafiles (Marzo)
  • A lot of data from the originals has been decoded and combat should work a lot closer to the originals now (Marzo)
  • Tons of fixes (Jeff, Marzo, Willem, Ryan, Phillip)

Most of this work has been done by Marzo aka The Unstoppable Hacking Machine !!!

19 June 2007

  • Our newest member, Phillip George, has succeeded in porting Exult to the PocketPC.
  • Marzo has been actively working on his Keyring mod, in particular, improving Exult and ExultStudio to support further mod development.
  • Many bug fixes, such as Marzo's recent implementation of missing weather effects in SerpentIsle. See the ChangeLog for the complete list.
  • Support for the "Hq2x" and "Hq3x" screen scalers.

10 April 2006

Over the last several months, we've been working in two main areas:

  • Improving our support for game details such as NPC schedules and combat. For this, we have to thank our users who have pointed out so many features that we've missed.
  • Support for mods:
    • We now allow more than 1024 shapes, so original art can be added.
    • There is support for multiple maps (so you can make huge worlds).
    • Our map-editor, ExultStudio, and the script compiler, UCC, have had numerous bug fixes and improvements for easier use.
  • ...and, we have the two extensive mods, Marzo's "Serpent Isle Fixes" and the "Black Gate Keyring".

23 June 2005

No we are not dead. Development is slow, but moving ahead.

  • Support for more than 1024 shapes and 2048 global flags
  • In-game journal (press 'n' for notebook
  • Support SI intrinsics in BG
  • New art contributed by Crysta the Elf and Berty Zhang
  • Colourless has integrated Pentagram's audio subsystem in Exult:
    • Real MT32 support
    • MT32 Emulation support
    • Fluidsynth support
    • It is Better(tm)

03 August 2004

There is now a Mac OS X binary for Exult 1.2 available on our download page.

03 July 2004

What happens next?
After the successful 1.2 release we are now going to make fundamental changes to Exult that will make snapshots a lot more unstable for the coming weeks/months. This time we really mean unstable, don't expect to be able to play through the games with coming snapshots. For playing please use the official release.
The changes will include:
  • recent snapshots have the version number 1.4.x (it seems we skipped 1.3)
  • combat uses dexterity to determine how fast you can strike
  • wand charges are kept track of
  • rewrite of the midi & graphics system to make it easier to manage
  • multimap support
  • enhanced savegames so we can use more than 1024 shapes (this might even break old savegames)
  • other changes intended to make developing of new games easier

Some members of Exult are also busy with Pentagram, a project aiming to create an Ultima 8 engine for use on modern operating systems. They polished up their homepage to be a bit more informative. Have a look.

17 June 2004

Exult 1.2 has been released! The Exult team is pleased to announce the release of Exult 1.2, our major bugfix and gameplay-improvement version that has been two years in development.
Sources and binaries for Windows and Zaurus are available at download. We hope to have Mac binaries available soon.

2 April 2004

The Exult team has just been informed that the Exult sources have in fact been readily available on our own website for years. Oops. Sorry about that.

This year's april fools page is archived here.

In other news, a Zaurus package for 1.1.10rc2 has been released last week.

1 March 2004

Exult 1.1.10rc2 has been released! This is mainly a bugfix release. We have fixed a number of potentially plot-stopping crash bugs and additionally resolved some Windows-only bugs, including a problem with resurrection. Sources and Fedora Core and Windows binary packages are currently available for download. Expect binaries for other platforms soon.
Note that the 1.1.10rc2 hasn't propagated to all the SourceForge download mirrors yet, so you may have to try a few mirrors.
Update: A Mac OS X 10.3 binary has also been released.

5 February 2004

There has been a change in Exult's audio configuration between 1.1beta3 and 1.1.9rc1 that is worth mentioning here. If you want to use digital music (.ogg files), you now need to enable that as follows: while in-game, press escape and go to the Audio Options menu. There, set the driver option to Digital.

29 January 2004

Exult 1.1.9rc1 has been released! We have just released Exult 1.1.9rc1. We would like to invite everyone to download this release and test it thoroughly to make sure the upcoming Exult 1.2 release will be the most stable Exult ever. Please report any bugs you find in our bug tracker.
Sources and Fedora and Windows binary packages are currently available for download. Binaries for other platforms are expected soon.
Note that SourceForge is having some problems with its download mirrors, so you may have to try a few mirrors to actually get the file.
Update: Zaurus and Mac OS X binaries have also been released.

20 October 2003

Exult 1.1beta3 has been released!
We have just released Exult 1.1beta3. This release should fix all reported item duplication/disappearance bugs, as well as several other issues. You can download it from our download page. Currently, sources and Redhat 9 and Windows binary packages are available. Other platforms should arrive within a few days. Please report any bugs you find in our bug tracker.
Update: packages for Mac OS X and the Sharp Zaurus are also available.

9 August 2003

Exult 1.1beta2 has been released
Because of some serious bugs in Exult 1.1beta1 we have released version 1.1beta2. As usual, you can download it from our download page. Sources and Redhat 9, Windows and Zaurus binary packages are available, others will follow soon.

1 August 2003

Packages for RedHat 9 and the Sharp Zaurus have been added to the download page

28 July 2003

Exult 1.1Beta1 has been released !!!
Exult 1.1Beta1 is now available for download. Please read the documentation and FAQ before downloading. Please report any bugs you find in this release on our bug tracker
Right now the Mac OS X and Windows releases are available for download, and of course the source code. Other operating systems should be available soon. Enjoy !

04 May 2003

  • Jeff changed party formation to look more like the one used in the original. He also fixed stealing some more.
  • Nadir's and Kirben's port of ExultStudio to GTK+ 2.0 has been merged with the main branch but still needs some work.
  • Dominik updated the documentation, FAQ and the Exult Studio documentation.
  • As always some other bugfixes as well.
  • O'Reilly released an article on Exult at O'Reilly Network.

12 March 2003

  • Behaviour of the bookmark in the spellbook has been improved.
  • A crash while sleeping has been fixed.
  • Jeff has been working on improving Exult Studio, including some bugfixes.
  • Some miscellaneous bugfixes

3 March 2003

Development seems to have picked up again after being stalled for a few months.
  • DrCode has added a new scaler (Scale2X by Andrea Mazzoleni), implemented exploding weapons, made pathfinding faster and fixed a few bugs
  • WJP has updated the build system to the latest tools, and provided a couple of fixes
  • Nadir has been porting ExultStudio to GTK+ 2.0

7 November 2002

Exult 1.0 has been released !!! After 4 years of coding we finally see Exult fit to be released as 1.0!
We would like to thank everyone who supported us so far, gave us feedback, bug reports and helped us in any other way.
Before you go on to the download page we would like you to read our ReadMe.1st carefully!
As always please also read the documentation and FAQ.
You can find the 1.00 version on our download page. Not every port is yet available for download but when they are done you will find them there.

24 October 2002

Allthough news are a little slow at the moment we are still alive!
  • Jeffrey Hoeksma wrote an in depth guide on how to use Exult Studio and Dominus merged it with the existing documentation. Even though it is still not a complete guide it is already quite useful and a good informative read. Thanks Jeffrey!
  • We added a letter page that contains some of the praise we received from users and Lord British himself.
  • Dr.Code fixed some bugs in Exult (selling baked bread, another trial bug in SI) and Exult Studio.

11 September 2002

Development is proceeding quite slowly, but we're still fixing bugs. Remember some of the things mentioned here are happening on the development 1.1 branch whereas the 1.0 is only for bugfixes.
  • More progress on the Zaurus port (MIDI support, also thanks to Colourless' port of the FMOPL driver)
  • Weather shows when gumps are open
  • Bug fixes

19 August 2002

Artaxerxes is making a lot of progress with the Zaurus port. The latest version supports sound!
  • Explosions inside containers should now properly work
  • Fixes to sleeping (you should now lie down in the right bed)
  • Various combat-related bugfixes (slimes, party-members not attacking)
  • Some cosmetic fixes to conversations

28 July 2002

Artaxerxes is currently porting Exult to the Zaurus! Take a look at the screenshots. You can also download the current version of the page from our download page (under 1.1.x snapshots)
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug in Windows and MacOS that caused trouble with finding paths across staircases. (e.g., Training in Monitor)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to lose the avatar when going through moongates
  • Several other bugfixes

20 July 2002

  • Fixed the bug that broke moongates in the Sphere generator (BG)
  • Added some more new BG paperdoll art (Thanks sb-x)
  • Some fixes to cart-handling
  • Serpent Isle has been fully played through with the current 1.0.x snapshots, resulting in a lot of SI bugfixes.

7 July 2002

We've been fixing lots of bugs in the 1.0.x snapshots the last month:
  • Fixed several combat-related bugs
  • Finished adding special object names for Serpent Isle
  • The --buildmap command line option is working again
  • Fixed a crash that could occur whenever you're near Spektran (SI)
  • People should no longer sleep next to their beds or sit next to their chairs
  • Some fixes to paperdolls in BG, and some new art by Oblivious.
  • Lots of other minor (and not-so-minor) bugfixes

10 June 2002

If you checked our download page recently, you may have noticed that we have two sets of development snapshots now: a 1.0.x (stable) snapshot, and a 1.1.x (unstable) snapshot.

The 1.0.x branch will become our 1.0 release soon, hopefully, and we will mainly be fixing any remaining bugs in this branch. We recommend using the 1.0.x snapshots for playing and testing Exult.

The 1.1.x branch is meant mostly as a 'developer playground' at the moment. We are making some very destabilizing changes to this branch, like a rewritten usecode interpreter and new audio code. We do not recommend using the 1.1.x snapshots for normal playing.

6 June 2002

Exult Release Candidate 2 has been released !!!
Exult 0.99.1RC2 is now available for download. Please read the documentation and FAQ before downloading. Please report any bugs you find in this release on our bug tracker

19 May 2002

  • Jeff has changed the party formation a bit.
  • Stackable items (coins, arrows, lockpicks...) are now auto-combined when put in a backpack or bag of the party. In SI keys are now automatically added to the keyring.
  • Colourless fixed a bug that affected some Windows users (only the first savegame was visible).
  • Simon Quinn has now recorded the SFX for SI and also changed the SFX for BG. Download his Roland MT32 soundpacks from our download page.
  • We now have combos working in Exult Studio (see the documentation for Exult Studio).
  • Dominus has updated the FAQ and also the documentation for Exult and Exult Studio

5 May 2002

  • Simon Quinn has recorded the SFX for BG with his Roland MT32. If you ever wanted to know how those sfx sounded download it at sqsfxbg.zip
    Simon plans on recording the sfx for SI as well.
  • As always lots of work on Exult Studio.
  • Dominus has updated the documentation for Exult Studio

10 April 2002

  • Lots of work on Exult Studio, including the beginning of font file support, and continuously improving support for creating new games.
  • Fixed a problem with monsters which caused savegames to grow far too large
  • Dominus has started documentation for Exult Studio
  • Take a look at SI-French for a project that's translating all of Serpent Isle into French using Exult

1st April 2002

Happy April Fool's day, we hope you enjoyed our little joke. Sorry if you got seriously upset by it, but the majority of you seemed to like it :-). If you missed it, you can still find it here

23 March 2002

  • Jeff has continued work on Exult Studio, improving image editing and terrain editing.
  • We fixed a few cosmetic bugs with the German version of BG
  • Jack Burton has provided us with a BeOS binary of 0.98rc1. (Thanks!) You can find it on the download page

15 March 2002

Fixed binary for OS X available
The Mac OS X binary for Exult 0.98rc1 had some issues related to mouse movement and full screen mode, caused by the version of SDL used to create it. We just released a new updated binary which hopefully fixes these issues. If you still encounter problems, please report them at our bug tracker

13 March 2002

Exult Release Candidate 1 has been released !!!
Exult 0.98rc1 is now available for download. Please read the documentation and FAQ before downloading. Please report any bugs you find in this release on our bug tracker
Enjoy !


  • Jeff has created an 'ipack' program to help with creating and modifying art files.
  • You can now adjust the combat difficulty in the exult.cfg file
  • Several improvements to how map-editing mode works.
  • Bug fixes (including some spells, traps and serpent venom)


  • Gumps can now be moved when in target mode
  • Combat takes strength into account a bit more
  • Fixes to Exult/ExultStudio to allow for the creation of new games from scratch (i.e. not as patches to existing games)
  • The Photoshop plugin has been fixed for PS6
  • Bug fixes


  • Colourless has made ExultStudio work under Win95 and WinNT
  • DrCode has added frame browsing and palette import/export to ExultStudio
  • Common code between Exult and Pentagram has been factored out to increase reusability
  • Bug fixes (including the skin colour in the sex scenes problem)


  • Colourless has completed the SI intro and ending with full synchronization of text/sound/speech
  • DrCode has added grouping functionality to ExultStudio
  • WJP has fixed wud and wuc (usecode disassembler and assembler) so that they are now compatible with each other.
  • More Pentagram hacking...


  • Colourless and Kirben have been working a lot to get ExultStudio going under Windows with the help of Mark Siewert who has provided drag & drop support amongs other things.
  • DrCode has been adding more usability features to ExultStudio
  • Nadir has merged Ruediger Hanke's patches for AmigaOS/MorphOS support
  • Dominus has updated the FAQ and Documentation. Go and read them now
  • Colourless and WJP have been hacking on Pentagram... :)


  • Bugs fixed related to the Hound of Doskar and Dupre rejoining the party in SI
  • Rewrote part of the teleporter code, which should prevent teleporters from taking you to the wrong spot
  • various other changes and fixes, including more work on Exult Studio.


  • Several fixes related to character attributes. (str, int, combat, etc...)
  • Fixed a bug where the Jawbone would be created in the wrong spot, causing Erstam not to realize you picked it up
  • Expack is now a bit more verbose, and should be able to handle Unix-style indexfiles in Windows.
  • Jeff has done a lot of work on Exult Studio. You can now edit terrain.


  • The Spanish version of Serpent Isle should work now.
  • Serpent gates work even if you don't have Silver Seed
  • Duelists will attack their dummies and archery targets
  • Magic Storm now actually damages enemies
  • Various other fixes to schedules, monster spawning, menus, and many more


  • Exult now compiles under Solaris with G++
  • Music looping is now configurable via the Audio Options
  • A few fixes for correct display of spanish menus have gone in
  • Combat has been modified slightly to make it more challenging
  • More bug fixes


  • Make sure you read this
  • There is an Amiga port of Exult, which hopefully will be integrated in the mainstream code. Get it here
  • Patrick's UCXT (usecode decompiler/disassembler) now works and will be included in future "Tools" releases
  • Jeff has upgraded UCC (usecode compiler) to work with the new conversation calls, and has released a new "patch" to BG. Grab it from here
  • Exult's data files (exult*.flx) have a CRC so that Exult refuses to run with non-matching data files
  • We fixed a few crashers and other bugs


Exult Beta released !!!

Get it from the download page, see the screenshots, read the documentation and the FAQ.

And there was much rejoicing :)


  • Colourless has implemented proper Ice Dungeon rendering
  • Jeff has fixed behaviour of Poison and Sleep fields as discussed in the forum
  • If Exult can't find sound effects files, it will show you in the main menu
  • More bug fixes in preparation for Beta.


  • Colourless has implemented compressed savegames. By default, savegames are now infact zip files in disguise. This should make submissions to the bug-tracker much easier.
  • Dominus has updated the FAQ again with the latest additions.
  • Development is slowing down as we are preparing to release the first beta of Exult.
  • More bug fixes


  • Both DrCode and Dominus have managed to complete Serpent Isle. This doesn't mean the experience is perfect, but many bugs have been fixed along the way !!!
  • Dominus updated the FAQ and Documentation to reflect the latest changes
  • WJP added mousewheel support for the slider gumps
  • Other bugs fixes


  • We have lost all messages in the forum, because of a bug. WJP took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest stable version of the forum software. We'll try and keep regular backups in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience :(
  • As promised on the forum, Colourless added support for multiracial Avatar in BG (SI is required)
  • Also, from a suggestion from the forum, Nadir added an option to show a tinted background behind text in conversations to make it easier to read
  • We have some new paperdoll artwork from Oblivious
  • Fawn Trial should work again
  • Other bugs fixes


  • Some monsters can now split
  • Gumps are now a bit more modal
  • Some more effects are now implemented (e.g. swordstrike)
  • Telekinesis and Fetch work


  • Gameplay Options dialog togther with fast mouse and middle-button support have been added by Christian Ohm. Thanks !
  • Slimes should behave a bit better now
  • Powderkegs are much more explosive !
  • Lots of combat fixes
  • Support for SI freezing attributes


  • Dead party members are now properly handled
  • Some bug fixes related to books and signs
  • Many more SI bugs fixed (endgame, trappers, Batlin scene, etc...)


  • Better animation timing
  • Serpentine signs, books and scrolls have been implemented
  • Hopefully it's now impossible to lose objects when dropping them onto walls
  • All the flags for the actors are now saved
  • Bug fixes in SI's plot


  • lots of animations bugs fixed
  • Several List Field bugs (SI) fixed. Training should work a lot better now
  • Some bugs related to dueling have been fixed


  • Fixed several bugs related to weight/volume checking
  • Improvements to pathfinding code
  • Fixed bugs related to teleporters
  • Monsters that shouldn't leave bodies now don't (ghosts, slime, etc..)


  • Avatar and NPCs now restore hitpoints and mana hourly
  • Several crash bugs fixed
  • Various other minor bugs bugs fixed


Alpha 5 has been released! Get it from the download page.


  • Max has implemented MIDI for the MacOS (classic and X) versions of Exult!
  • Attacking non-living items like chests and doors should now work properly
  • We have a new renderer, that should reduce the amount of glitches.
  • Literally dozens of plot-related bugs have been fixed, including: Moonshade Trial bugs, the Gargoyle's tests in Furnace, SI crystal balls, you can now resurrect Gwenno properly, the Banes-cutscene now works, and many more.


  • We have several new screenshots, including two of ExultStudio!
  • Our old FAQ has been split into two sections: Documentation and the new FAQ
  • The 'fleeing party members' bug has been fixed!
  • The BG intro has been improved further
  • Barges (boats, carts etc..) are working much better now
  • Max has done a lot of work on the MacOS (classic and X) versions
  • Many other bugfixes, including the SI Test of Purity, some world-wrapping issues, 'dance' schedule, Guardian and Earth Serpent speech.


  • Ryan has implemented new status bars. These show the health of your party members. You can also use them to quickly access their inventory and status screens. Activate them by pressing 'r'
  • There is now a 'return to menu' option in the Black Gate and Serpent Isle menus. (The one in the game itself doesn't work yet)
  • Lots of SI bug fixes including Erstram's turtle, a few Shamino's Castle crashes


  • For a preview of what Exult Studio can do, take a look at the "BG-Data" section on our SF download page. (This is still very experimental, and will only work with a very recent snapshot)
  • The quest items from the Silver Seed should work now! (Belt of Strength, Gauntless of Quickness, etc...)
  • Lots of bugfixes, including some bugs in the Fawn trial, the Silver Seed exit bug and the Silver Seed iron maiden
  • Serpent Isle is now playable up to Shamino's castle!


  • We have a new Discussion Forum to replace the defunct Jackchaos message board
  • Hack-mover has been reenabled (use Alt-H)
  • Ryan has fixed the Frigidazzi sex scene in SI. Let's all Exult :)
  • Palette cycling fixes
  • Kirben, our snapshot builder, has switched to a new, much faster, hosting service
  • Maciej Kalisiak has made the bilinear scaler 2x as fast


  • Ryan has fixed dungeon rendering in SI!
  • The in-game Video Options menu has been implemented
  • The Guardian speech is now synchronized in the BG intro!
  • several more SI bugfixes (Lucilla, Moonshade-kidnap, ...)
  • the FAQ has been updated with a few known issues


  • The FAQ has been updated for the new Alpha 4 release.
  • We have been doing some optimizations: the renderer and the point/interlaced scalers are now a lot faster!
  • Exult now compiles in MSVC6. See the 'msvcstuff' directory for the required workspace (.dsw) file


Alpha 4 has been released! Highlights include:

  • The SI-specific Jawbone and Combat Stats are in
  • The keyring from the Silver Seed now works
  • The MIDI SFX have been replaced by digital SFX
  • The new savegame interface, with unlimited savegames!
  • Many, many bugfixes and other improvements

The Linux (both i386 and Alpha) and Windows version are already available (along with the source, naturally). You can get them from our Download page. Be sure to read the FAQ and the README!


  • The SI Serpent Jawbone has been implemented!
  • Fixed a bug which prevented you from using the spellbook you received from Fedabiblio. (SI)
  • Cheat screen update: you can now modify global (plot) flags and NPC stats!
  • The map-teleport cheat now uses maps of the actual game world, providing a lot more accuracy.
  • Tons of other bug fixes, including: Erstam's machine (SI) now works, you won't go into combat mode automatically anymore, some spells fixed


  • We've implemented the Serpent Isle 'Combat Stats' window.
  • The mouse cursor shape is now only a hand when it's over a window. It will stay an arrow otherwise.
  • Some bugs related to combat fixed. (eg. SI List Field)
  • Maps in SI are working now.


  • Bugs fixed this week include (but are not limited to :-): containers aren't closed when casting a spell (makes mark/recall work properly), small audio configuration problem, several SI problems (Fawn trial now works!)
  • Two more spells have been implemented: Time Stop and Death Vortex.
  • Jeff has continued work on the interaction between Exult and Exult Studio


  • The 'protect' combat mode is now supported
  • Jeff fixed a crash during resurrection
  • The MIDI SFX have been disabled because they didn't sound well. Read the FAQ for instructions on how to install the digital SFX packs. (Which sound a lot better :-) )
  • Fixed several minor and less minor bugs.


  • Jeff fixed the bug causing the Guardian to sound like a chipmunk on some systems.
  • You can now also take screenshot with ctrl-alt-s while menus (such as the new savegame interface) are open
  • Marc Winterrowd wrote some documentation for expack. Thanks!
Exult alpha 3 was reviewed by the German game magazine GameStar in the june 2001 issue! Translation from German (by Alexander Wetzlmaier):
Ultima 7 still belongs to the best role-playing games. It's because of the many interaction possibilities and its epic story. However, as a DOS program with a very exotic memory manager and missing speed adustment, the game doesn't run on modern PCs. Fans are now working on a new game engine for Windows. In the current Alpha 3 version the first part, The Black Gate, already runs better than in the original because many bugs were removed. Warren Spector's Ultima 7: Serpent Isle still causes the programmers problems, though.
They rated it 1.8 on a scale from 1 (best) to 5 (worst)!


  • lots and lots of bugs fixes, including resurrection, object names, caltrops, fields and several Forge of Virtue and Silver Seed bugs
  • Jeff is working on the interaction between Exult Studio and Exult (Linux only for now). For instance, entering map-editor mode will now automatically launch Exult Studio if possible.
  • Fixed a cross-platform bug in the new savegame info. Old savegames on some platforms will show wrong information. (The game itself isn't damaged)
  • Pressing 1-8 will now open the inventory of your party members. (Thanks to Telemachos)


  • We have started adding support for world-wrapping. It should even work occasionally :-)
  • Our custom art is now viewable from the shape browser.
  • A few scaling (screenshots, fullscreen, resizing) bugs have been fixed.
  • Spell scrolls in SI have been implemented!
  • The spell book is now mostly working in SI!
  • Several Silver Seed related fixes
  • And the big one this week: Exult now has a new savegame interface! Features include:
    • Unlimited savegames!
    • A small screenshot of the location you saved!
    • Save statistics (RealLife(tm) time saved, in-game time saved, ...)
    • Statistics of the avatar and a list of party members
    We also have a screenshot available.


  • More bugs in SI have been fixed. For instance, you can now use the Amulet to enter the Silver Seed.
  • Schedules for the blacksmiths and bakers have been added.
  • Exult now also compiles and runs on Solaris machines.


Binaries for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and MacOS have been released over the last few days. Have fun!


We have released Alpha 3! Some of the highlights are:

  • Serpent Isle playability has greatly increased!
  • You can now choose from multiple scalers
  • We have lots of great Black Gate paperdoll art! (Thanks Adam and Philip)
  • Support for digital (.wav) SFX
  • Tons of bug fixes and other improvements

Go on over to the download page to download it. The source code and Linux, Windows and BeOS binaries are currently available. Other versions will arrive in the next couple of days.

Enjoy! (Be sure to read the FAQ if you run into any problems)


  • Serpent Isle support continues to improve, with work on combat, schedules, usecode and more.
  • Updates to the rendering code should reduce the amount of visual glitches.


  • Jeff and Ryan have greatly improved SI support! (Crystal-ball scene is beginning to work, knight's test has been improved, and much more)
  • Some crashes have been fixed. (Tailors, toggling wizard mode with spellbook open, ...)
  • Added even more art by Adam and Philip! (All the party members now have their own unique paperdoll)


  • I've added some more excellent art by Adam and Philip! (There's still more to come...)
  • You can now use .wav files for the SFX! You can download a set of SFX (by Joseph Morris) from the Exult download page on Sourceforge (jmsfx.zip). Unzip this file to get jmsfx.flx. Then, you need to add the following entry to your exult.cfg, in the config/disk/game/blackgate/ section:
    (replace /path/to/jmsfx.flx with the path to jmsfx.flx, for example ~/exult/jmsfx.flx or c:\exult\jmsfx.flx)


  • Lots of audio bugs have been squashed, including a crash-at-exit in windows, and a timidity-freeze in Linux.
  • Jeff is implementing support for digital SFX (as .wav's). "Real soon now" :-)
  • Adam Delman and Philip Gottschalk are working on BG paperdoll art! Some of Adam's work is already in Exult. I'll include the rest as soon as possible. Thanks!


A small update on what you can expect the next couple of weeks:

  • We might do another release soon, that'll fix most of the annoying bugs introduced in alpha2. (mostly the combat-related ones). We do want to hunt down the Windows crash-on-exit first...
  • We're looking into using .wavs as SFX, to get rid of those 'interesting' sounds you get when opening/closing doors.


  • There's a new scaler: SuperEagle, also by Derek Liauw Kie Fa.
  • The bug that caused swords to be thrown is fixed.
  • Jeff has implemented the schedule that causes NPCs to turn lights on/off and open/close shutters


  • The bug causing monsters to replicate endlessly ("army of darkness" bug) has been fixed.
  • Ryan has implemented a cheat screen similar to the one from the original. This includes an NPC schedule editor!
  • You can now select which scaler you want to use. (the default 2xSaI scaler, a point scaler or an interlaced point scaler)
  • Due to changes to the caching system, teleporting can currently cause crashes. We hope to resolve this soon.


  • The whole site now passes the W3C validation test! Added W3C logos to every page.
  • The FAQ is now automatically generated from XML. This allows for far simpler maintanance. Check it out, the look/content have changed slightly, too.


Alpha 2 has been released! This stunning new release offers tons of cool new stuff, including:

  • Serpent Isle is now partially playable!
  • Paperdolls in Black Gate!
  • Dynamic keybindings (this also fixes the 'z' vs. 'y' bug on german keyboards)
  • Gamma correction
  • Support for the French version of BG (Frederic Wagner)
  • Alpha/Linux cxx support (Christoph Reichenbach)
  • Improved BG intro (plasma screen, animations, etc)
  • Screen Shots
  • Reworked audio subsystem
  • Massive code restructuring and cleanup
  • Tons of other fixes and improvements


  • The Exult FAQ from Dominus Dragon is now the official exult FAQ! Added it to the site
  • Updated About Us page


  • Support for customizable keybindings has been added!
  • Missile weapons (triple crossbow, blowgun, sling, dragon's breath) are now working properly.
  • Spells of mass destruction like Mass Death and Armageddon have been implemented.


  • We might do a second alpha release soon! (Maybe within a week)
  • Serpent Isle support continues to improve.
  • Tristan is working on 'Exult studio', which is currently an improved shape browser, but which will contain more editing tools in the future.


  • The screenshot page has been updated with new shots which show the latest developments (SI and paperdolls)
  • The GIMP plugin which allows loading/saving of U7 .shp files is available in CVS for the artists among you.


  • Not being satisfied with just having paperdolls in SI, Ryan has added paperdolling support to the Black Gate! We do, however, need art for the BG items/character not present in SI. If you're interested, please contact us.
  • Double-right-clicking has been implemented. (pathfind to selected spot.)
  • The Serpent Isle map now matches the world more closely.
  • As usual, code has been cleaned up, and various bugs have been fixed.


  • Jeff's Usecode Compiler is working, and you can already use it to supply your own usecode functions!
  • Serpent Isle support is being greatly improved.
  • The annoying "crash on exit" bug has (probably) been fixed.
  • Exult now contains code to generate a full-scale >400Mb map :-)


  • Ryan has added paperdolling support to Serpent Isle!
  • Pressing 'escape' in a conversation now selects 'bye', if possible.
  • Frame skipping has been added to palette fades and cinematics, to make them run smoother.
  • Frederic Wagner submitted a patch to stop the french U7 from crashing in conversations.


Happy New Year!

  • Jeff has started working on a Usecode compiler.
  • You can now take screenshots with Ctrl-Alt-S.
  • The intro is being updated, to make it look more like the original.
  • Various other bugs have been fixed, for example: you can now break glass, sundials are displayed correctly.


  • Jeff's map-editor is coming along.
  • Many bugs fixed. Next release still in the pipeline.
  • We've slowed down because of Christmas. Some of us are working, some of us are studying, one or two of us may actually be required to do seasonal things with our families. Joyous non-denominational festive season. Don't expect much for the next couple weeks.


  • Tristan and Dancer have performed some more major overhauling of the audio system, fixing a lot of issues with Timidity, threads, subprocesses and tempfiles.
  • The ongoing code-restructure is doing quite well, with only the occasional glitch.
  • Jeff has been working on a rudimentary GTK-based map-editor.
  • Everyone's fixed a lot of minor bugs many of which existed more in potentia. We're sure you folks would have been submitting more bug reports, if you were having trouble. Course you would.


We've made our first BeOS binary available! Get it here.


Thanks for all the feedback. We're gearing up for an alpha2 release in a week or so. Here's some of the highlights:

  • New keyboard shortcuts.
  • Major code restructure, making it easier to hack on.
  • Some memory management changes
  • Huge audio system overhaul (with some breakage that we'll sort out before alpha2. Promise!)
  • Changes to weapon animations (not quite fixing the fact that they aren't drawn correctly)
  • configure.in has been completely cleaned up
  • Better mouse.
  • Get the Guardian's voice right under a wide variety of circumstances. No more Guardian The Death Muppet (we hope).
  • New usecode support.


Version 0.90alpha1, our first Alpha, is available! Featuring a new Exult menu at startup, mouse support in the menus, more cheats, key ring for BG, midi sound effects, ports to BeOS and MacOS, and as always tons of fixes


After a long wait, version 0.40 is available, with the full introduction supported, improved music, and many more plot features working.


Version 0.35, with the first attempt at combat, better scrolling, and support for magic, is now available.


Version 0.30 is out with support for save/restore, many plot and animation improvements, and improved Windows Midi.


Version 0.26 is out! This has many bug fixes and plot improvements, plus the first Midi support under Windows.


We've just released 0.25, which includes the first Windows binary since converting to the SDL library. We've also continued with lots of new development, so expect another release soon.


Version 0.20 is out, and includes a whole lot of work by Dancer Vesperman, who has implemented speech, midi, and all the configuration.  In addition, this version includes object animation (look at the fountains), the first support for inventories, and now shows the mouse pointers and fonts from the actual U7.


Version 0.12 is now available. The XLib and Win32 code has been replaced with a multiplatform library called SDL. Plus, obstacle detection and climbing are implemented. This means that you now have to open a door before you can walk through it.:-) Unfortunately, the ability to climb stairs also exposes more glitches in my rendering algorithm.:-(


Version 0.11 released, with many improvements to the "usecode" interpreter.  I'm now going to work on getting the Windows port up to date.


Version 0.10 released, with a "usecode" interpreter for driving the game plot and conversations.


Moved Exult to SourceForge.

After letting the project lie fallow for several months, I'm back, currently incorporating an interpreter for "usecode", which drives the games plot.

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