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Downloads are hosted on SF. If you have one of the supported systems, you can directly download the appropriate binary distribution. If you have another system, download the source and read the INSTALL file for directions on how to build & run Exult.

For a full list, and also older versions, look here.

Please don't use a downloadmanager to download our releases and additional data files because the links below are not direct links, but links to a page that asks you to select a mirror.

If you have succesfully ported Exult to a platform not listed here, PLEASE drop us a note, telling which OS, compiler etc. you used. Even better would be if you submit to us the changes that were necessary to get it to run so we can incorporate them into future releases, and add instructions to the README.
But if you really want us to love you, become part of the project and officially maintain your port, that means making sure it builds for each release, and provide if possible a binary for your system. As a reward you'll get your own entry in the Exult credits, this homepage and the docs :)

Official - currently disabled - please use the snapshot as it fixed severe problems
Exult 1.5.x Snapshots
ChangeLog   2018-05-07 07:01   626 KB
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 binary snapshot   2018-05-07 07:00   2636 KB
Mac OS X 10.4 ppc & 10.5 - 10.11 intel (32-/64-bit) binary snapshot   2018-04-27 18:23   8684 KB
Ubuntu PPA snapshot  
Exult GIT source code snapshot  
Exult Tools Windows snapshot   2017-05-17 00:46   1577 KB
Exult Studio Windows snapshot (work in progress)   2018-05-07 07:06   3911 KB
Photoshop Plugin   2002-02-17 12:50   88 KB
Gimp 1.x Plugin (for Windows)   2008-07-12 16:33   51 KB
Gimp 2.x Plugin (for Windows)   2017-02-10 00:41   210 KB
All-In-One Audio Data packs (not required)
Installer for Windows   44.587 KB
Installer for Mac OS X   49.816 KB
Zipped all-in-one audio pack for manual installation   48.439 KB
Single Audio Data packs (not required if you use the above All-In-One pack)
Sound pack for Black Gate   4667 KB
Sound pack for Black Gate (Roland MT-32)   6330 KB
Sound pack for Serpent Isle   6050 KB
Sound pack for Serpent Isle (Roland MT-32)   7834 KB
Ogg encoded Music files for Exult Part 1   12030 KB
Ogg encoded Music files for Exult Part 2   10860 KB
Exult Android Snapshots (Unstable) - use at your own risk!
ChangeLog   2011-02-25 01:41   2 KB
Android binary snapshot   2011-02-25 01:41   322 KB
Mod Snapshots - require Exult 1.5.x Snapshots
Marzo's Black Gate Keyring (requires FoV)   2016-11-06 19:02   757 KB
Marzo's Serpent Isle Fixes (requires SS)   2016-11-06 19:02   300 KB
SourceForge Island (requires FoV)   2015-01-05 23:43   245 KB
Third party Mod Archive - require Exult 1.5.x Snapshots
Glimmerscape by Donfrow (requires SS)   2018-01-14 11:08   12949 KB
Ultima VI conversion by Mike Fictiti0us (NOT the Ultima VI remake by Agent Orange Guy)(requires FoV)   2005-07-17 06:34   4260 KB
Matthew Johnston's unnamed mod (requires FoV)   2008-01-09 00:37   2299 KB
Alun Bestor's Quests and Interactions mod version 0.6beta (requires FoV)   2011-08-11 13:54   354 KB
The Feudal Lands by Wizardry Dragon (requires FoV)  
Patch/Mods Archive - require Exult 1.5.x Snapshots
Alternate fonts based on Kanto, enhanced by Dominus for all official releases   2016-07-01 15:38   684 KB
Malignant Manor's size patch increases the size of some shapes - ideal for smaller screens   2011-02-15 00:25   20 KB
Marzo's Avatar Pack  
Newton Dragon's BG/FoV GM patch prepackaged as a mod   2016-07-22 15:17   157 KB
Newton Dragon's SI/SS GM patch prepackaged as a mod   2016-07-22 15:17   209 KB
SDL 1.2.x

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