Seven Towers: Black Gate Keyring

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About the Black Gate Keyring mod

Black Gate Keyring

The Black Gate Keyring mod started out with the intent to add the Serpent Isle: Silver Seed keyring to an Ultima VII: The Black Gate game. But simply adding the keyring without any sort of quest was out of the question; so I added a quest to gain the keyring. Then came the shrines and the Codex. And so on.

The result is this massive -- and still in progress -- set of modifications to the Ultima VII: The Black Gate game. You can read more about the mod in the readme.txt Extern link file that is included in the download below.

Black Gate Keyring

Black Gate Keyring 757 KiB zip file, last modified on 19:02 2016-11-06
Installation instructions, as well as a more complete description of this mod, are in the included readme.txt Extern link file.