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Welcome to Seven Towers, the homepage of Marzo Junior. Here you will find my Exult Extern link Mods and some UCC documentation.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

About the site

All the links of my site have some distinctive visual features that make them stand out from the surrounding text. I also use two different colors to identify whether the link's destination is in my website or somewhere else Extern link. There are also quick tips, which expand an informational tooltip when you leave the mouse over them for a while. Some links also include quicktips; the latter are not explicitly color-coded, as they happen only with acronyms (such as MSIE Extern link).

Many of the icons in this site are from David Vignoni's Extern link Nuvola Extern link icons. Some of the icons are based on the aforementioned icons, and some are brand new creations of my own. And there is, of course, the Exult Extern link icon. In all cases, the icons are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Extern link, with the exception of the Exult Extern link icon which is licensed under the GNU General Public License Extern link instead.

A big thanks goes to Wizardry Dragon for hosting this site.

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