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Before posting, make sure you've read the FAQ and searched the message board for previous discussions. When reporting problems/bugs, please include details about your setup (Exult version, OS, sound and video cards).

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 Please read before posting
Author: Dominus 
Date:   07-23-02 09:52

Hi all,
here are the rules and guidelines for this Forum.

Before posting here we would like you to make sure of some things:

1. Do not ask for downloadlinks of copyrighted games (e.g. Ultima 7, Ultima 8). And don't post links to pages that offer copyrighted games.
Requests for help with pirated games will not be granted and the poster may be banned from the board.

2. Please read the Documentation and the FAQ and make sure you've searched the message board for previous discussions.

3. When you report a bug please include details of your setup (Exult version, OS, sound and video cards).

4. When asked to report a bug to the bug tracker please read the bug reporting guidelines in the FAQ: Bug Reports

5. Be nice to each other. No flaming please.

6. No excessive spamming (this is a message board and not Iolo - you can't cheat here :-))

7. Phorum codes to make urls or show images are found at Phorum Codes.
Please don't show too big pictures - not everybody has a broadband connection.

Thanks all

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