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 Tavern Bug
Author: SnowyThing... 
Date:   07-22-02 23:44

I've tried popping this on the Bug tracker... but it just wouldn't submit or anything. (Tried on different occasions)
In Ultima VII and Serpent Isle in Exult, I've noticed that none of the barkeeps or tavern wenches if you will... don't put plates down before they plop food on the table for customers. (In some rare instances like in Lord British's castle, there are already plates there.... but in other places, none ever get put down anymore)

They put plates down before putting the food down in the original. This has happened to everyone I've spoken to.

I know this is just a cosmetic bug or whatever.. but it really would add to the realisticness of the game.
Maybe this is just really easy to fix and just needs a little line of code or a tiny schedual twek, who knows. But it would be nice to see this fixed.




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 Re: Tavern Bug
Author: wjp 
Date:   07-23-02 02:55

Thanks, I just submitted it.

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