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 Exult on Mac
Author: OliverP (---.catharsis-it.com)
Date:   07-04-12 19:32

Just wondering if someone can help with a question. Does Exult for Mac require the Mac version of the game, or does it do some trickery with the original DOS version?
Thanks in advance

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 Re: Exult on Mac
Author: Dominus 
Date:   07-04-12 21:26

There is no Mac version of Ultima7. Exult uses the data files of the original engine. Except for config, savegame locations etc., Exult is the same on all platforms.

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 Re: Exult on Mac
Author: oliverp (---.dsl.bell.ca)
Date:   10-08-12 13:02

Thank you for confirming!

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