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 PSP Cheat System
Author: Shaed 
Date:   01-10-10 03:13

Does any one know any thing about how to activate the cheat system for the psp port of exult, as in 'hack mover', 'god mode' and all that?

i was thinkin here might be the best place to ask, I've done quick searches on the net for it but with no answers

I've got version 2.2 of exultpsp

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 Re: PSP Cheat System
Author: Dominus 
Date:   01-10-10 14:02

Unfortunately we have not made that port, so I can only give you the generic Exult answer. When you start Exult, on the screen where you select to either play BG or SI, click on setup and make sure cheating is on.
In the game you will have to use the keyboard shortcuts that enable god mode, hackmover and so on http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#exult_cheats
I cannot say how you pass keyboard commands to the psp. Maybe there is a readme with the port.

Edit: just downloaded that package and it seems you have no direct chance of passing on the cheat keys...
Just maybe extracting the flx files and changing the defaultkeys might help but then you will loose other functionality :(

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 Re: PSP Cheat System
Author: Cobalt (---.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net)
Date:   01-11-10 06:28

I don't know if it was implemented on the PSP version.

You don't pass keyboard commands on the PSP version so that makes it difficult.

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 Re: PSP Cheat System
Author: Shaed 
Date:   01-11-10 11:18

Yea its hard to find info about it, even the original the food sucks site seems to be down, so probably wont be any updates, welp no dramas any way, thanks for your replies people! appreciated!

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