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 Delete Depleted Wands
Author: KC (---.46.227.226.lightower.net)
Date:   07-02-17 22:49

In my mod, I'm considering setting Delete Depleted on the following shapes:

Firedoom Staff (along with increasing the Missile Speed)
Fire Wand
Lightning Wand

Since these "empty" items would be swapped out for the next strongest weapon, is there any benefit to leaving this as-is? There isn't from what I can tell.

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 Re: Delete Depleted Wands
Author: Paulon (---.jetstream.xtra.co.nz)
Date:   07-03-17 05:09

Firedoom Staves still act as a light source when depleted IIRC. Some people might keep them for the loot hoard after use too.

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 Re: Delete Depleted Wands
Author: Duke of Disorder 
Date:   07-03-17 11:46

I think this has been mentioned before but why not allow for, fire and lightning wands at least, to be recharged. Possibly by some mage or even Pothos (a similar service could be provided for in BG). There would be some 'modest' charge for this service.

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 Re: Delete Depleted Wands
Author: KC (---.hfc.comcastbusiness.net)
Date:   07-04-17 00:46

Is the light source case a valid reason to keep them, though?

Duke, that's a good idea. Maybe that's what "Enchant" spell was for previously, adding charge to wands and maybe even ordinary swords? Coding either would take some work.

That being said, I think there's plenty of fire and lightning wands in SI, bordering on too many.

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 Re: Delete Depleted Wands
Author: Dale 
Date:   07-06-17 01:52

Might I propose creating an NPC named Wanda who was tormented as a child by her peers who said she would never be anything more than a wand charger. Despite all her best efforts, her fate was sealed at birth.
We can flesh this out, BUT I REALLY THINK WE'RE ON TO SOMETHING, HERE exult.sourceforge.net-ers!!!1!!

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