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Author: Nitemare89 (---.hsd1.co.comcast.net)
Date:   06-22-17 08:58

Hello all, just throwing this out here while I was on eBay tonight I found a listing from some one trying to make a profit from Exult. I didn't know any other way to reach out on here so I thought I would make a post about it. I already reported the seller but just wanted to put the listing in case your team wanted to take action against him.


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 Re: FYI
Author: Dominus 
Date:   06-22-17 11:23

Nothing we can do about it. GPL does allow that...

Read the documentation and the FAQ are your friends! There is no excuse for not reading them! RTFM
Read the Rules!
We do not support Piracy/Abandonware/Warez!

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 Re: FYI
Author: Colourless Dragon 
Date:   06-23-17 01:53

It's a shitty thing to do, but legally allowed if they provide the source code to the exact used version/provide a means to obtain the source code when requested.

Some projects include a notification in the program that it is FOSS and uses GPL to make it a known when using the program that it should be Free.

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 Re: FYI
Author: dag (---.lsn8.wtnet.de)
Date:   06-23-17 16:42

One of the few disadvantages of GPL :(

Well, I hope people just google "exult" before making a dumb purchase...

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 Re: FYI
Author: galneon 
Date:   06-25-17 00:14

Wow, look at the guy's feedback. He is successfully selling copies of VLC for $10-20.

I know what's wrong with this guy (he's a horrible person), but what is wrong with the fools paying him? :/ If they just need portability, they can buy a $5 flashdrive.

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 Re: FYI
Author: Gotcha (---.adsl.xs4all.nl)
Date:   06-25-17 15:34

It's unbelievable how low some people can go for a quick buck.
That cretin is a waste of oxygen.

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 Re: FYI
Author: DrCode (---.hsd1.or.comcast.net)
Date:   07-13-17 23:44

I don't think the customers will be happy when they realize it's useless without a copy of Ultima7.

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