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Before posting, make sure you've read the FAQ and searched the message board for previous discussions. When reporting problems/bugs, please include details about your setup (Exult version, OS, sound and video cards).

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 Keyring mod on Mac OS
Author: WJH (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date:   05-31-17 15:16

Hi all,

I'm trying to get things going on a Mac for the first time. Installing the games and Exult, no problem. Getting the various sound/music options to work, no problem. Getting the SIFixes Mod to work, problem. :( I've read the documentation, and am still not having success.

Here's what I've done...

In /Users/WJH/Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle I have created a "mods" folder

So I have /Users/WJH/Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle/mods

And into that folder I have copied the 'sifixes' folder that I downloaded.

Surely I'm just missing something easy since I'm not used to working within the Apple file system guidelines. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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 Re: Keyring mod on Mac OS
Author: Dominus not ligged in atm (---.117.138.10.wireless.dyn.drei.com)
Date:   05-31-17 17:36

1. the mods folder should be in /Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle/mods NOT /Users/WJH/Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle/mods (that folder is where you will find the savegames of the mods)
2. you need to extract the zip into /Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle/mods
Make sure it doesn't create a top folder named SIFixes in which it places the cfg and the folder sifixes from the zip.
So it should be /Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle/mods/sifixes.cfg and /Library/Application Support/exult/serpentisle/mods/sifixes (with a couple of files in there.

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 Re: Keyring mod on Mac OS
Author: WJH (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date:   06-01-17 02:27

Aha! I didn't really understand about the two Library folders in the documentation...totally get it now, and it's working perfectly!

Big thank you! :D

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 Re: Keyring mod on Mac OS
Author: Dominus 
Date:   06-01-17 05:32

If you have an idea on how to simply explain it, I'm all ears ;)
It's something OS X users eventually encounter and learn, I'm just hoping Exult isn't the first time you encounter this...

Read the documentation and the FAQ are your friends! There is no excuse for not reading them! RTFM
Read the Rules!
We do not support Piracy/Abandonware/Warez!

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 Re: Keyring mod on Mac OS
Author: WJH (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date:   06-02-17 22:24

No, I don't have a better way to explain it. Now that I see it, what's in the documentation makes it seem pretty obvious, and I think I was simply dim-witted when I read it earlier.

Believe it or not, messing with Exult is the first time I've had to make use of the distinction between the Library in the Macintosh HD and the one in my user folder, although I've used a Mac for 10 years at work

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