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 Waiter Schedule thread
Author: agentorangeguy 
Date:   03-12-17 17:36

I figured I'd start us an official Waiter Schedule thread to discuss it, suggest improvements, post bugs, etc.

Dr Code, in order to make testing easier, could you name the shape numbers used by the waiter schedule? Cauldron, Food and drink items are the obvious ones, but maybe list table types and other items associated with it?

I'm playing it right now on my U6 mod working folder, started a new game. The waiter (in an empty bar at the moment), I've observed has picked up a few bottles here and there, maybe a cup or two, and placing food objects onto the cauldron and the stove, turning the stove on, asking and serving patrons, so far everything looks pretty neat! A few questions I have:

-Are the pots and pans used right now? (BG shape 944 / 0x3b0)

-I wonder if it's possible to implement the "scrubbing counter with rag" frame some barkeeps have? I know it was discussed before and something about the z factor being off...

Ultima 6 Mod for Exult site: http://www.ultima6.realmofultima.com/

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 Re: Waiter Schedule thread
Author: DrCode (---.hsd1.or.comcast.net)
Date:   03-13-17 03:59

Currently, we use tables, stoves, cauldron and search for these to find the kitchen:

static int shapes[] = {333, 1018, 1003, // Tables.
664, 872, // Stoves
995}; // Cauldron

Plate: 717

Food, pot:
if (cooking) { // Find food, pot.
cnt += npc->get_objects(items, 377, c_any_qual, c_any_framenum);
cnt += npc->get_objects(items, 944, c_any_qual, c_any_framenum);

Cups, bottles pot:
static int waiter_shapes[] = {616, 628, 944};

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 Re: Waiter Schedule thread
Author: agentorangeguy 
Date:   03-13-17 14:21

Excellent, thanks! Everything looked to be functioning pretty well when I tested it the other day!

Ultima 6 Mod for Exult site: http://www.ultima6.realmofultima.com/

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