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 Xenka/serpent staff bug
Author: Jacob 
Date:   03-02-17 21:41

I am experiencing a bug where Xenka will not tell me to sacrifice myself after talking to the Chaos Hierophant, causing Dupre's Ashes to be inobtainable. Instead Xenka sends me to the frozen north, where I've killed the trapper to get the final tooth.

I read somewhere that the problem is related to not standing very close to the serpent staff before picking it up. Reloading that far back is not an acceptable solution unfortunately.

Is there anything I can do (and how)?

* Cheat-adding Dupre's Ashes
* Trigger so Xenka knows I have the serpent staff
* Skipping the wall of light part and thus not needing the ashes

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 Re: Xenka/serpent staff bug
Author: Gotcha (---.adsl.xs4all.nl)
Date:   03-03-17 00:17

Odd. Well, you can always add items. The item code for Dupre's ashes should be 914.
You can open the shape browser, go to this item and press insert in-game to create it at the mouse cursor if I'm not mistaken.

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