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 Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-02-17 17:14

I'm still plugging away on The Conquests of Chaos, and plan on including some of the known cuts back into the game. But I'm curious what some of the most-wanted restorations, additions, and changes are?

New party members?
A way to get to Claw?
Kilrathi or their descendants on Claw?
Add back the glowing cat body and a longer sub-plot?
Living glowing cats?
Add back the fishnet stockings sub-plot?
Add back the shimmering wine bottle instead of the ice wine?
Add the pumpkin as a storm exchange item?
Add schedules for the Silver Seed NPCs?
Add a few brass automatons as standard NPCs with schedules to Patrol?
Add back the Blink spell?
Create a manor for Selina / Celennia / Selenia?
Add the second layer of Moonshade?
New sprites?
Add back talking to the captured Banes in the Black Sword?
Add a blank face for Dream Smith?
Improve the introduction / ship landing for higher resolutions?
Move all NPC functions to 0xB00+ range to allow more shapes with functions?
New non-Britannian books?
Easter eggs? Random treasure chests?

Already done but unreleased:
New easter eggs for using this-on-that. (Not spoiling it.)
New magic chest shapes and Unlock Magic usecode.
Function to create permanent new shapes with one command.
A script to create an entire boat (~20 pieces).
New artwork for statue bases.
Recolored bears, black, reddish-brown, etc.
Caladin's paladin in white and green.
A female Ophidian solder.
A few new eggs.

More new NPC shapes: Leopards, wolves, Gwani, etc.

I wonder if I should get a Patreon and spend a day a week on requests? It's all going to be open source so everyone will win in the end.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Gotcha (---.adsl.xs4all.nl)
Date:   03-02-17 17:40

Hmm. I know the Monitorian pike men are all in green, but personally I'd prefer Caladin's original colours, for nostalgia's sake. :)

One of the things I love most about the Ultima 7 games is the insane amount of caves, dungeons and other locations to explore. I'd love to see more of those.
Serpent Isle especially has massive grassy fields, just waiting to be filled with crumbling buildings, farms, towers, camps and so on.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-02-17 18:59

Jorvin and one of the Mint Loafs will still have the original paladin shape. I am just adding an additional shape for Caladin.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: WJH (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date:   03-03-17 03:11

I'd offer some Patreon support!

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Francois424 
Date:   03-03-17 04:36

Oh seems I posted this into the wrong thread... Ok repost here :-)

#1 - I would like your mod add extra party members ?
The lack of quality party members from the original Serpent Isle really blew

- Boydon - Excellent party member... Unless he dies, Pagan-style (Really wish you could just drop him back into Erstam's machine w/o a phoenix egg to revive him. Would be annoying, but better than now...

- Petra - Excellent party member... Quite late as I remember, and won't stick around unless you cheese the game (Easy to do tho). Recruiting her the first time you go in Moonshade would be very interesting.

- Gweno - Excellent as well, will only join after Dupré's demise (so very late)

- Wilfred - Such a coward and it's unrealistic to hope to get to keep him.

- Automatons : all look the same, can't be trained, won' join party if already 3 companions

You can ask Luther to join you, but he always decline the offer.
Cantra was planned as recruitable? I remember seeing some art with her in the party. Kinda female version of Spark.

Getting Selina into the party as a permanent possibility would be nice too, unfortunately she's only a temporary companion.

I like the sprite for the female Monitorian knight and female ranger. Could make original companions out of them as well if you want to do it.

#2- Maybe with the adding back of enough companions we could get an 8-party like in ultima7 ? Of course when/if the combat gets fixed to vanilla SI levels it will bring back a touch of strategy, but more pack mules are fun.

#3- The Black Sword kinda blows in this game. Okay it's +1 a regular SI GreatSword, but in U7 it was what? 25 power? Maybe 13 power when empty, then add +4 power for each bane it hold. I agree about the conversation with the Banes. Man that would rock.

#4- Home is where the heart is. In U7p2 I merely took Monitor's ship hold and dropped it between two columns (NW) in the Dark Path. It serves me well but is no home ( It is practical tho). I wonder if there would be enough room around an exterior Serpent Gate somewhere... to actually make an abandoned (in good maintenance) mid-size house. With place for a store room (oooh, we can fill it ourselves), shelves for putting interesting books I gather during my adventures, and a nice bedroom. The house added with the key-ring mod in U7 was pretty good if only lacking a storeroom but you had mark/recall to get there quickly. This is entirely optional.

I feel what's most missing are big party and recruitable companions. Heck when Dupré sacrifices himself and you have Luther in the Party, he could have a long c0nversation with you about that and changes his dialogue because he aspires to be responsable/honorable like him (stuff like that).

Thanks for dedicating your time to make SI better. Until Ian Frasier is able to remake U7+U7p2 in one huge game as he'd like to do, Exult +mods are just the best ! :-)

Enlightenment Dragon

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Francois424 
Date:   03-03-17 04:58

Ah just remembered something (maybe easy, maybe not. If you pick the blonde/blue eyed avatar, on her paperdoll she has light-brown hair. Dunno if possible, but change her her to blonde ?

Tiny little thing and way down the list of add-ons you could do, but it might be a quick thing. Thanks again

Enlightenment Dragon

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Incriptus (---.tukw.qwest.net)
Date:   03-03-17 05:01

Wedging in more party members would indeed be nice. In addition to the above maybe let Mortego stay on the team as well (although that may be edited with an expanded moonshade plot)

Maybe make the exploding kegs a bit more user friendly. Instead of just exploding on double click, give you a target icon and choose what you're targeting (instead of hoping it was close enough to that door because the isomeric view left you a few pixels off target)

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Francois424 
Date:   03-03-17 06:45

Another thing I inquired about last week... About the +10 STR belt.

I have confirmed that in SI it gives +10 STR up to 30.
We already know LB was able to buff to 60 (so it works).
How about the belt allows the wearer to exceed 30, obviously up to 40 ?

Again it's a nitpick, especially with F2 - modify str to 40 (and drop belt in a barrel somewhere), but would be nice.

Targeting seems a nice Idea (still does AoE damage tho). I never play much with powder kegs myself, most likely because I never manage to blow-up what I want and hrt myself in so doing. Haha.

Enlightenment Dragon

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: KC via Telnet (---.sub-174-192-19.myvzw.com)
Date:   03-03-17 06:49

The blonde female Avatar has brown hair in the portrait. Not sure how to add a new Avatar shape.

I could expand the area it uses to blow up the door? But there's a lot of powder kegs too.

What if the inaccessible eastern doors could be blown up too?

I am planning at least three new party members, with some the the obvious ones there.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Francois424 
Date:   03-04-17 03:45

Haha... I knew I was not crazy.
Just found a picture online of the back of Serpent's Isle box.
Just zoom it and look for the picture with the sea turtle battle.


We have Cantra, Kylista (I think), and some dark-haired monitor knight (who's holding her shield ? Wow too bad that didn't get in), and some red shirt dude. A female automaton as an enemy on the turtle as well, maybe Petra, maybe not.

Probably some pre-alpha/beta testing that they screenshot to print the boxes for releasing the game.
- - - - - -
Other (new) thoughts :

I read somewhere that no one know if the amulet of protection actually provides protection... but if not that is more something for the "SI fixes mod" than your new mod.

A "bag of holding" that would not have item number/size limit that could be put in it would be fine (put a hard limit just before the game crashes, it's either 127 items or 255, not entirely sure). a "magical blue hue glow" around the bag might be enough, or changing it's color to a "blackrock-sword-darkgrey" could do. For me, the bag would be mainly used to store gold/gems/jewelry/gold bars in a pouch-belt location, up until the caracter runs out of weight anyway, and without cluttering the main backpack... It's going to be less important when we have 7 party members, then one of them could have his/her main pack dedicated to carrying that loot. Still the "Won't fit" message would be alleviated from that... I mean you could throw 4-5 pikemen bodies in there, should you need to, or carry nearly 6'000 monitari.

Bringing back the triple crossbow? Make Iolo start with it (so incentive to get it back even tho it's easy), and if not so already in "The Black Gate" (haven't noticed to be honest), consumes 3 bolts for 3x the bonus from enchanted ones as well. There was attack graphics and for the Triple XBow itself from Exult/U7 so that could work.

That's it for tonight's thoughts. Sleep well all.

Enlightenment Dragon

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Dale 
Date:   03-04-17 05:28

Yeah I was always intrigued by that turtle photo, too... I remember being really nervous about going to Erstram's island for the first time. My first playthrough always had me wondering when that would play in..
But i think it's pretty clear at this point that it was never a plot moment... just them having fun cramming as many things into one image as possible. I mean.. aside from there actually being interesting battle formations (definitely not a thing... that female monk (?) clearly commanding the attack from the turtle head?), she's also attacking with the serpent staff.. and I don't seem to recall a bronze ophidian shield at the moment, either....

BUT! Good call on the shield showing up as equipped! I had never noticed that! I don't know the ins and outs of the code like some of you, but is it possible this is why we have "wall hanging" versions of Dupre's Shield? Could those frames have been meant for when the various shields were equipped from the different angles?

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-25-17 20:04

The recovery of the body of Ardiniss, the former commander of Serpent's Fang, will be included in the mod. Surok will take the body from you, give some experience and items, and comment on the condition of his corpse.

It may be possible to code calling and sailing the turtle, pending a bug fix on the Usecode creation of the barge shape. That could be one way to add Claw back into SI, and add options for other modders. Imagine having control of the turtle rather being being a mere passenger?

Too bad the artwork for the non-gray-hair female monk didn't make it out of Origin's vault.

Adding off-hand offsets for carrying shields could theoretically be possible. It would require adding those offsets in some way, since the original games only had the main-hand offsets.

Adding a targeting function to the powder keg would be possible, but tricky. It would require selecting a target area, making sure the Avatar can get there, walking there, animating placing it down, and then doing a countdown. It could also require a lit torch or other means of lighting it. Probably more work than is justifiable right now.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-31-17 23:26

The magic wine press was hard-coded for the spot it was placed on the map. This has been changed so it works anywhere, and works with the rotation bit.

And it worked on the first test of the new code. :D

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   04-07-17 16:18

The party size limit is hard coded in a few spots in SI. Is this something that should be raised?

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Gotcha (---.adsl.xs4all.nl)
Date:   04-07-17 16:42

I wouldn't mind seeing it capped at 8. Fun to have a few extra automatons around. Or to avoid having to make party members leave when taking along those two people up north who instantly leave anyway.
But if it's needed... meh, not really I guess.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   04-08-17 18:04

The limit seems to be the Gump for party stats does not exist beyond 6. While this could be fixed, it would require changing multiple other things there.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: KC (---.46.227.226.lightower.net)
Date:   04-09-17 03:48

The reason Aram Dol is missing his crown in some frames is the original liche shape in BG does not have the frames. Some of the BG frames are wrong, with spell casting frames in weapon swing spots. And some of the SI casting frames are in the wrong direction. Should be simple enough to fix.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Paulon (---.jetstream.xtra.co.nz)
Date:   04-16-17 08:45

Thinking about the previous games, a logical mod would be to have a more complete initial set of equipment, based more on what was available by the end of U7. The initial loss of gear at the beginning of SI would explain why the Avatar and party wouldn't get to actually keep any initial stuff added in a mod, with the list of lost items just covering the unique and distinctive gear from the original game.

It might be more work than it's worth to give the party a set of gear they aren't intended to either keep or later recover, but that plot hole at the beginning, that a desperate mission to save Britannia from destruction is so ill-equipped by LB, has nagged me since the game came out.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   04-28-17 22:10

Since one of the prior thread was getting long I wanted to post more updates here.

Today's code separates out the NPC functions for many of the surviving NPCs, so that changes to those do not mix with pre-Banes canon. Each area's NPCs are in area-specific folders.

There will be additional starting gear for the party.

At Dominus' suggestion, the glowing red cape will be added as a different shape number than 403. If there is interest, I may be able to add back the damaged fur cloak frames.

The PARTY_SIZE_LIMIT has been set as a global integer, which will allow 6 party members instead of just 5.

I'm finally starting to look towards sharing the updates via GitHub as well. This means adding the GPL license header and better testing.

Some further ideas:
It may be possible to set an Automaton's name via Usecode. They still would not be able to train, generally.

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 Re: Mod Ideas?
Author: Dominus 
Date:   04-28-17 22:18

Btw, forget my idea of adding it as a frame, you can just add it as a new shape (the glowing cloak).
Had quite some fun time tracking it all down yesterday ;)

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