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 Freedom's Last Caretaker
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   02-10-17 02:49

The last of the three Automatons in the Mountains of Freedom has DEATH code but since the TOURNAMENT flag is never set, it is never seen.


Congratulations, milord! Thou hast proven thine innocence...
Take the key and enjoy thy freedom!

The key doesn't work because the quality is not set on it, rather than the quality of 153 as on the one he carries.

His TOURNAMENT flag never clears, so he cannot be killed and recreated as a joinable automaton. He just seems to stop attacking, but stays in COMBAT.

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 Re: Freedom's Last Caretaker
Author: Alexander (---.ri.ri.cox.net)
Date:   02-10-17 23:54

Was this key the one to the door right near the Lorthondo encounter? I seem to remember using lockpicks to get it to open, since no keys worked, and thinking that was weird...

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 Re: Freedom's Last Caretaker
Author: KC (---.sub-174-192-4.myvzw.com)
Date:   02-12-17 05:26

It's the same shape and frame, so possibly for the door right before that encounter. I think you have to pick the one after it.

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