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 Solved Bug - 2 Purple Orbs from Yurel
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   02-04-17 00:33

Here's the answer to an ancient bug report as to why Yurel can give two purple orbs:

There are three variable checks, as converted:


If you meet the got_wheel check, Yurel says the same text and gives the orb, but misses the setting the of gflags[0x030E] = true; so he still acts hungry. The other two checks correctly set the flag, so you cannot get additional orbs if you didn't first give him the yellow cheese wheel.

As part of my mod work I have fully reimplemented Yurel to fix the many missing closing quotes in his conversation, enable his PATROL barks, and also knock out him saying he's hungry after he's gotten some cheese. Hopefully this can be used in SIfixes someday as well.

The submitter's email is dead. :(

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 Re: Solved Bug - 2 Purple Orbs from Yurel
Author: Gotcha! (---.adsl.xs4all.nl)
Date:   02-04-17 01:04

Created in 2004. Yeah, I can imagine his email is gone. :P
Nice job though!

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 Re: Solved Bug - 2 Purple Orbs from Yurel
Author: Dominus 
Date:   02-04-17 03:12

Thanks! The reason I had a savegame was because I stumbled over it myself as well on my last playthrough and found this earlier bug report.
I'm closing this SI fixes feature request now since it is more in your league now until Marzo moves to accept your NPC monster -> NPC pull request.

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Read the Rules!
We do not support Piracy/Abandonware/Warez!

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 Re: Solved Bug - 2 Purple Orbs from Yurel
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-25-17 04:21

On a related note, Surok has two different answers for the Belt of Strength in his code:


Why, thou dost wear the Belt of Strength! 'Twas made by Commander Ardiniss's wife, Loriel, many years ago. If I remember correctly, she made the belt from the hair of Giants and then enchanted it. Loriel was a gifted mage, but alas, was yet another victim of this damnable war with Chaos! As thou dost wear her handiwork, thou shouldst remember her, ", title, "...


Thou dost wear the Belt of Strength?! How didst thou come by it? It was thought lost these many months. No... no, I do not want to know, ", title, ", though I would not show the others the Belt. They would not be as understanding as I and perhaps would demand that thou returnest it.

I hope to reimplement him so he can give different answers if the Avatar has the item or not.

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