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 SI Storm Pumpkin Swap Nitpick
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   06-21-16 01:09

I was taking a look at the items swapped by the storm in SI, and found out perhaps why there is an unused flag in the middle of swapped item flags. The pumpkin that Iolo has post-storm never comes up, and it isn't clear what it is swapped for. The six torches he starts with in his backpack are gone, but the pumpkin is in his hands, not his backpack.

Delphynia in Fawn sells pumpkins, but none are seen there. Miggim on Monk Isle mentions they grow them as well, but again, none are seen.

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 Re: SI Storm Pumpkin Swap Nitpick
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   07-03-16 16:44

That unused flag seems to be for the dead cat, possibly the glowing one.

Another minor nitpick is the unused copy protection question "How many letters in the name of the woman who made fine-fitting lambskin gloves?" The answer is buried in Erstam's Foreward, fourth paragraph: "The fit was better than one of Drogeni's lambskin gloves." Multiple sources list the answer to this as six not seven, however. Mind you this question does not appear in the Usecode for SI+SS.

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 Re: SI Storm Pumpkin Swap Nitpick
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   07-08-16 03:44

Another nitpick - The scrolls found among the Goblin King's treasures suggest that the towers were manned by a single command for each: Fawn by Wolves, Bull by Bears, and presumably Monitor Tower by Leopards. Yet Brendann's conversation indicates that Astrid was a Bear, not a Wolf. Could this be explained by her being Champion Knight?

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 Re: SI Storm Pumpkin Swap Nitpick
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   11-18-16 12:34

Looks like the teleportation storm is done by object#(0x759).

While most of the items have one-for-one replacements, not every one of them does.

Avatar's Items
Spellbook -> Pumice
The ruined spellbook appears in Furnace near the Serpent Staff. The party does not respond to finding it.

Glass Sword -> Pinecone
The note left by Hazard in the forest lodge mentions him finding it.

Magic Armor -> White Breastplate
Kylista has it in her bedroom. Her Usecode allows her to be asked about it without any prior investigation.

Ruydom's Wand -> Alchemist Apparatus
The Wand is found among other apparatus in Vasculio's lab in Skullcrusher. Ducio claims he made the piece, but Erstam will also claim it as his property. If Vasculio stole it, or someone copied the design for Ducio, or Erstam is recalling incorrectly, we'll never know. It is possible Ducio is bragging.

Blackrock Serpent -> Moonsilk Stockings
Stefano has the original item in his hideout.

Black Sword -> Stoneheart (A ruddy rock)
The guard midway though the Mountains of Freedom has the sword, presumably he found it.

Magic Gauntlets -> Silver Engagement Ring
Alyssand has the gauntlets.

Magic Helmet -> Woman's Fur Cap
In Frigidazzi's bedroom. SIfixes might allow Frigidazzi to both return the Magic Helmet as well as have on in her dresser.

??? -> Ice Wine / Vintage Wine
This seems to be a leftover from the Beta, where Iolo brought along a map and gets the bottle. The wine shape was intended to be the unused shimmering one, described as "A bottle of wine -- the lettering on the label constantly flickers, making it unreadable!" In the release, the Avatar gets a plain bottle of ice wine.

Julia's Beta Usecode says:
"We make the finest wine that thou wilt find anywhere. In fact, someone left an odd map in place of a bottle of one of our finest vintages not long ago. Strange payment, if thou dost ask me."
When asked further:
"It is no land that I know. Thou art welcome to it if thou dost wish it. I have no use for it."

Food (meat and mutton) -> Filari
Delin explains that food appeared in place of the coins. What food specifically is not clear, but matches with the leg of meat and mutton. When he is asked about Alyssand's ring, he says:
"I would reward thee for returning it to her, playername, but a storm stripped my cash box of all my funds the other day."
"I went to open my shop the next morning and there was a bundle of food in place of the Filari Alyssand had put there the night before."
The party responds "That is what happened to our food!"

Shamino's Items
Magic Bow -> Bear Skull
Found right away to explain the concept of exchanged items, fixed in SIfixes. NPCs explain that bears are often found in the west coast.

Swamp Boots -> Slippers
Devra has them.

Dagger -> Severed Hand
Per Erstam's dialog. Found near Vasel, behind the staircase.

Burst Arrows -> Grisly Brush
Shamino starts the game with 34 Burst Arrows, but only 23 are found in Pomdirgun's crate. The rest were on Goblin 13 (NPC 113) in the Beta, where he has 12 burst arrows (one additional). In the release that Goblin only has 9 magic arrows, likely swapped for play balance.
Neither the magic bow or two wands found in the Goblin camp are used against the party.

Dupre's Items
MageBane -> Penguin Egg
The northernmost item exchange.

Dupre's Shield -> Luther's Monitor Shield
For a city that prides itself on not using magic weapons, Luther's new prowess with Dupre's shield draws little controversy.

Iolo's Items
Crossbow -> Urn
Found in the crypts. Picking it up without going through the dialog does not set the scroll, it appears, since there's no egg under the crossbow.

6 Torches -> Pumpkin
This is neither in the Beta nor Release, but a guess. Delphynia sells pumpkins, and Miggim mentions them to the Avatar. But neither area has visible pumpkins, nor are the pumpkin patch shapes in SI. Since Iolo got the dead cat in the Beta's storm exchange, was the pumpkin put in place instead to fill that swap?

Plot Items
Shmed's Death -> Fishnet Stockings
There's about half of this plot in the game, including dialog with Harnna, Alyssand, Bucia, Julia, Brendann, and Selina about them. Flindo cannot be asked about them, though Alyssand mentions selling them to him. Julia refers the Avatar to Frigidazzi, but no flag is set, nor does Frigidazzi have unused dialog about it.

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 Re: SI Storm Pumpkin Swap Nitpick
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-24-17 23:26

One of the nitpicks I've had with these items was that when you first start the game and know nothing about most of the items, only some can be asked about. Rather than doing the logical thing and dividing the conversation options for "strange objects" between what the Avatar carries and the rest of the party, it seems to use a random array of options so you cannot always ask about the item you are most interested in. To fix that, I am moving the information conversations to their own functions.

This change will allow you to ask about "my items" and "my companions" instead.

Changing back in the glimmering wine might be fun as well.

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 Re: SI Storm Pumpkin Swap Nitpick
Author: Knight Captain 
Date:   03-25-17 08:33

'Tis done for Harnna.

It does make it stick out that the Avatar has 10 items to ask about, where the Three Companions only have 7 between them.

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