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Before posting, make sure you've read the FAQ and searched the message board for previous discussions. When reporting problems/bugs, please include details about your setup (Exult version, OS, sound and video cards).

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 Reporting bugs
Author: Dominus 
Date:   08-05-03 16:28

Hi fellow exultians,

First off all, we are grateful for everyone bothering to report bugs to the forum and the bugtracker.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can't really do anything about it because we don't receive a savegame that goes with the bug. Adding a savegame greatly increases the chances of us being able to reproduce/trigger the bug and being able to reproduce a bug greatly increases the chances of us being able to fix it.

When you report a bug, please have a savegame ready that is shortly before the bug occurs in the game. Please make that savegame available by attaching it to the bugreport to the bugtracker. Include, as detailed as possible, any steps necessary to reproduce the bug from this savegame. Check your bugreport from time to time for answers or questions from the team.

If Exult crashes before you actually reach the game, it can be very useful to take a look at the files stdout.txt and stderr.txt that Exult produces. (If you're using a unix-like OS, this output will be written to the terminal from which you run Exult, instead.) In particular, check if the various path settings that Exult shows, are correct.

If you are using a mod - please tell us. It's important information!

Finally, keep in mind that bugs reported to the bugtracker are less likely to be accidentally overlooked or forgotten than bugs reported here on the forum.

[edited by wjp on 25 Jan 2004]

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